Bio: I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is not Mary Kate, but for here and now, for our mutual purposes.. that is you and I.. it is as good as any other. Perhaps I am hoping something of her odd character will rub off on me. She would be considerably better at this than I. So just another wannabe.. recommended by all known associates of the same surname and soon to be available at an amazon near you? Not quite, well actually it feels like, not even close, but I could regret those words.. I have too many, words that is, constantly clogging my head up. This may thin them out. Despite the disclaimer I will likely always be a writer and for a long time I was quite sure I would like to be a storyteller for a living. I just never thought it would be quite so public. I was nine when the Eureka moment hit me, right after an adventure with Four and Kiki the parrot. I never thought to question it even once after that, until 50 Shades happened. All of a sudden the game changed and I'm not allowed to be socially stunted with dubious hygiene anymore (not that I am but I would like the option. Believe me?) Anyway here's my dirty laundry.. please use a softener, I'm a delicate soul..

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